What are the benefits of a monitored alarm system?

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What are the benefits of a monitored alarm system?

Most homes these days have an alarm – which offers some peace of mind when you’re away from the property and hopefully reduces the risk of being burgled – and there are a number of companies now offering a monitored alarm system. This might mean added cost – but it also means added security, and more rapid response to any situations which might arise.


Did you know that a third of people in the UK will ignore a house alarm? In fact – in many situations, neighbours are more likely to be irritated by the sound intrusion than they are to investigate and call police if your alarm sounds.


Noise regulation even covers the sound of home alarms – stating that your home alarm can only sound for twenty minutes before police are allowed to enter your property under a Magistrate’s Warrant to silence the alarm. A monitored alarm reduces the risk of this, and of false alarms, of sound pollution, and of expensive repairs to doors which have seen forced entry; our alarm receiving centre can quickly respond to any alarm sounding and establish whether this is a genuine break-in or a false alarm – shutting it down if it’s the latter, and calling the police to the property for the former, far more quickly than any neighbour might think to do so.


When the alarm sounds, the receiving centre operator will immediately challenge the cause verbally. As the owner of the property, you will have an agreed safe word which sees the alarm shut down and silenced – and any real intrusions will be responded to rapidly; few things scare a burglar away more quickly than being challenged and caught in the act!


There is a far higher chance of catching any burglar – or attempted burglar – with this rapid response able to send police to the scene before the culprit has even left the building.


Knowing that a dedicated team-member can respond quickly and effectively to your alarm sounding means you are more secure, which brings peace of mind, protection for your property, and means that you never have to worry about break-ins again.


If you’re considering monitored alarm systems, call the Town & Country team today on 0800 160 1125.

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