Avoid the pickpockets this summer with our 5 top tips

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Avoid the pickpockets this summer with our 5 top tips

Going on a summer holiday this year? Wherever you’re going, it’s very possible that you may be targeted by pickpockets, who look out especially for tourists with cameras, smartphones, passports and spending money.
With 7.5 million tourists each year, Barcelona is known for it’s pickpockets. Each day, more than 300 thefts are reported in Barcelona, particularly Las Ramblas, where the pickpockets are most active.
But who wants a pickpocket ruining their holiday? Here are our top 5 tips to avoid the pickpockets this summer…


1. Don’t look like a tourist
It may sound simple, but tourists are the #1 target for pickpocketing – mainly because they stand out so easily from the crowd. So, put the map down, take your camera from around your neck and try to blend in with the locals some more!


2. Pick a bumbag over your pockets
Bumbags are a great way to keep your belongings close and just in front of you at all times – and there’s no getting into them without being alerted. To get the best use from a bumbag, it is recommended that it is worn under your shirt, to avoid being easily visible.


3. Bag/backpack
Being a tourist, we understand that you may have a lot of items to carry, but bear in mind that bags and backpacks are particularly vulnerable as you can’t necessarily see if someone is trying to access it. Consider wearing your backpack backwards, so you can keep an eye on the zips and no matter what bag you’re wearing, consider locking your zips using a simple luggage lock.


4. Don’t leave anything laying around
Whether it’s your phone on the table at dinner, or your bag on the bar whilst you chat to a friend, keep an eye on your belongings and put them away/secure them when you’re not using them. For instance, loop your bag around your arm when standing, or under your chair leg if you’re sitting – this makes it a lot harder for a pickpocket to just swipe it away.


5. Leave the valuables in your hotel room safe
If you feel uneasy leaving valuables tidied away in your suitcase or generally within the hotel room, speak to the reception. Most hotels offer a safe within their rooms so that people can leave valuables and passports in a safe place, whilst they go out to explore – giving them peace of mind.


Here at Town and Country Security Systems we want everyone to be able to enjoy their summer holiday without the nuisance or worry of pickpockets, so with the help of our tips we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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