The convenience of Smart Home Security

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The convenience of Smart Home Security

It may be alarming, but various studies have shown that over 40% of people in the UK have a burglar alarm, yet 30% of those people fail to set it. So, is this down to time or effort – and is it really worth running the risk of being burgled?

With Smart Home Security being so easy and convenient, it’s no surprise that Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the home. This type of technology is known to be ‘smart’ as it uses internet-connected devices that allow remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as security, lighting, heating and more.

The benefits to Smart Home Security

  • Live monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Check sensor status in real time
  • Customisable push notifications
  • Highly secure encryption
  • Set and unset your system remotely

Here at Town & Country we are proud to offer our customers the latest technology in home security, bringing the control of home security to the palm of their hands. The HomeControl+ app prioritises convenience in your daily life, we know everyone runs late and forgets to set their system before leaving the house – but the Pyronix HomeControl+ App gives you the convenient control of your home security, providing you peace of mind whenever you need it on the go or on holiday.

If you’re considering a move to modern home security, call the Town & Country team today on 0800 1601125.

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