8 Top tips to help protect against van break-ins

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8 Top tips to help protect against van break-ins

In recent years, there has been an unsettling rise in the number of van break-ins and tool theft in the UK. In 2016/17 there was a staggering 22,749 thefts of tools from vehicles, with an estimated value of £94.5 million. Van break-ins and tool theft is not only a loss of money, but a loss of business and potential customers, which can be incredibly disheartening for trades people. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 top tips to help protect your van from break-ins and theft.


1. Tracker
Install a tracker to your van, so you can be sure to know where it is at all times. In a worst-case scenario, you will be able to recover your vehicle if it is stolen.

2. Windows
Windows are an easy target against thieves. We’d strongly recommend using tints or covers so that thieves can’t see your tools inside the van. Interior steel window grills are also a great addition, acting not only as a deterrent, but as a strong protective barrier.

3. Tools
It may not be convenient, but we would suggest storing some of your more expensive/important tools either in your home or a secure shed/outdoor storage container.

4. Lock up
Always ensure that you have closed the windows fully and locked all of the doors to your van even if you’re unloading tools or filling with fuel. Fitting deadlocks, slamlocks or stop locks provides a good reinforcement of protection to both your side and rear doors.

5. Tool box
It would be worth investing in a tough tool box to securely fix to the floor of your van. This ensures that even if thieves are able to break into the van, they have less chance of getting to the tools.

6. Inventory
Keep receipts of any expensive tools and equipment and keep an inventory of everything that you carry with you. If the tools are stolen, you will have an easier time making an insurance claim.

7. Mark up
Get all of your tools and equipment security marked, so in the case of a seizure of stolen goods, yours tools can be identified.

8. Parking
One of the most simple tips on the list – make sure to park your van in a well lit area, even one covered by CCTV. Consider reversing your van into the drive, against a wall or any non-moveable structure to block access to the back doors.


Here at Town & Country Security, we know that protecting what you care about the most, matters. That’s why we offer a wide range of services including alarm systems and CCTV, so call the team today on 0800 160 11 25 to find out more.

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