What are the top priorities for moving house?

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What are the top priorities for moving house?

A recent survey of 2,000 people reveals the top 50 things that are considered when relocating, so what is it that makes home security a shocking 43rd place? It appears that people are more concerned about how often the busses run or about friendly neighbours rather than if the house is likely to be broken into or safe to leave alone all day.

The big number one concern and priority is parking – whether there is any parking available outside the property or whether it’s likely to be a first-come first-served basis. Number two is a some-what boring but still good to know factor – what the council tax banding is.

But what makes home security less of a worry? The security of your home and family should be of greatest importance and if anything should influence your relocation. Shocking once settled into a new home, 70% of people don’t bother to install a burglar alarm, so it’s no wonder that home security is so far down the list. Thankfully, people do somewhat care about the local crimerate though, as it just makes it within the top 10.

People also showed more concern over what supermarkets were nearby and how much they would rather decorate than their home security. Would you really worry more about whether you can pick up a loaf of bread from Sainsbury’s on the way home from work, moreso than whether or not your belongings are still even within your home upon your return?

So why not take a look at the 50 moving priorities and let us know what your priorities are!

  1. If parking outside is going to be easy
  2. The council tax banding
  3. How much it would cost you in total
  4. How noisy the neighbours are
  5. How recently the boiler was fitted
  6. What the local crime rates are like
  7. Where the nearest supermarket is
  8. What the neighbours are like
  9. Do the radiators work properly?
  10. Whether there are local regular buses
  11. Broadband speed
  12. Proximity to the nearest doctors’ surgery
  13. Is the home energy efficient?
  14. How far away my friends I’d live
  15. What types of supermarkets are nearby
  16. How long / short the new commute will be
  17. How much decorating I’d have to do before the house felt like your own
  18. What the removal costs would be
  19. How far away from mum and dad I’d live
  20. Changing my address on everything
  21. Whether I could fit all of my belongings in the new house
  22. Will there be enough plug sockets (and where you need them)
  23. Whether the property is close enough for existing friends to still visit
  24. Whether the immediate neighbours have young children who are likely to scream
  25. Whether the carpets will need replacing straight away
  26. Is there enough space for a dishwasher?
  27. The ‘class’ of the neighbours
  28. Whether the sofa will fit through the patio doors / front door
  29. How good the phone reception is
  30. Whether there are large imposing trees overlooking the property
  31. If my current furniture will look good in the new house
  32. Switching all the utility suppliers
  33. If the garden is a suitable size for the dog to run around in
  34. How much the building insurance would be
  35. Proximity to the nearest primary / secondary schools
  36. How much I’d have to clean before moving in
  37. Whether there is a utility room or somewhere to put the laundry
  38. Whether we can get a king sized bed
  39. How easy it’ll be to get the bins out
  40. Whether the neighbours can see me if I sunbathe in the garden
  41. Whether there is an en-suite bathroom
  42. Whether street lights are going to shine in my bedroom window
  43. Whether the home security is up to scratch
  44. Who should have which bedroom
  45. Whether there are children in the local area
  46. Whether there is a room large enough to host a house party
  47. What colour to paint the lounge
  48. Whether your existing curtains would fit the new windows
  49. Whether I can easily wash the car near the house
  50. What colour to paint the kitchen
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