To hide or not to hide the spare key?

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To hide or not to hide the spare key?

Here at Town and Country we understand that people like to keep a spare key outside of the home, whether it be under a welcome mat, certain rock, plant pot or half way up the garden – just in case that one morning you’re running late, you manage to forget your keys and lock yourself out (which we understand, because we’ve all done it one time or another!).

One thing for certain is that your front door welcome mat is not a secure hiding place and neither are obvious dummy rocks, pots close to the house or nearby doorframes. With our previous statistics showing that 5% of burglars use a key to get in, it may make you think again about keeping any keys outside!
We would always strongly advise that you keep your spare key with a trusted neighbour or relative, perhaps someone who is older or someone that is simply at home most of the time. However we understand that not everyone has a trusted neighbour, let alone whether they’re in a lot. Therefore we have decided to take a look at some most suggested safe places to store your spare keys – however we can’t take responsibility for wherever you decide to leave them.

  • A key combination safe, securely fitted against your home or an outbuilding in a hidden area.
  • An authentic, real outdoor security stone with space for a key, hidden in a space with similar looking rocks.
  • A dual bird nesting box and key hider, hung discreetly in either a tree or tall shrub.
  • Inside a ziplock bag buried in an area of decorative stones or within a bedding box of compost – but don’t forget it needs to be easily accessible to you in winter too!
  • If you use outdoor sprinklers you can also get a dummy sprinkler head which fits your key safely inside.
  • A crafty idea would be to use a key safe somewhere relatively hidden yet with a dummy key inside, whilst hiding the actual key to your home in another spot.
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