Statistics that shock

Statistics that shock

Previously we mentioned that burglaries in the Chesham area rose by nearly 50% between 2015 and 2016, we therefore thought it would be good to share some of these shocking statistics with you on how burglars access the house.

In 72% of burglary cases, the burglar will gain access to the house through the front or back door.

27% of burglars will force/break the lock open

A truly shocking 15% of burglars simply walk through a door that has been left open or unlocked

10% of burglars will physically break the door or the panels

And another shocking statistic shows that 5% of burglars will enter the property with a key – one that was perhaps left in sight or somewhere carelessly obvious.

Locking windows and doors has been a defence method against burglars since long before CCTV and alarms, so how can this vital check be forgotten? You should always check that when you enter the property the door is locked or cannot be opened simply as well as checking that it is firmly shut and locked upon leaving. If you’re not sure, check, double check and even check again – it’ll put your mind at ease when later on the day you wonder if you locked the door properly!


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