Opportunistic burglaries set to rise with lighter evenings

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Opportunistic burglaries set to rise with lighter evenings

As the clocks go forward, everyone is excited to get back out in the garden to enjoy the lighter and warmer evenings. But that also means that opportunistic burglars will be on the prowl for vulnerable or unattended houses.

Data analysed by the Co-op, has found that over the last four years, opportunistic burglaries increase by almost a quarter (23%) when the clocks go forward. That’s why it’s important that you ensure home security is well-kept all year round by making sure all windows, doors, sheds and garages are closed and locked when they aren’t in use or you are going out/away.

It’s not uncommon to hear of burglaries that have taken place whilst the occupants have been gardening or relaxing in the back garden and burglars have managed to gain access to the property through an open window or an unlocked door, so it’s important to do a quick check before you decide to enjoy some time in the garden.

During the really hot days of summer, it’s inevitable that you will want to open windows in your home, in the hope to get some breezy air in. But you should ensure that you are in the room at the time or have some window locking mechanisms installed, to allow breeze in – and keep burglars out! Night time can be the hardest when the weather is warm and humid, so we’d recommend a fan or cooling system, rather than opening windows, especially if your home is a bungalow.

It is equally as important, that you ensure your security systems are well maintained and in good working order, so they can efficiently warn you of any potential break-ins. Here at Town and Country we like to know that people can feel safe in their homes all year round, so call the team on 0800 160 11 25 for all your security maintenance and installation needs.

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