Crime statistics rising

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Crime statistics rising

With 2018 underway, we thought it would be good to reflect back on the Office for National Statistics crime statistics of 2017 and its a shocking read!  With crime showing a dramatic 10% increase from the previous year (2016) which is in fact, the largest annual rise in crime for a decade.

Police numbers in England and Wales have fallen for the eighth year in a row, falling by 20,592 officers since 2010. With falling numbers of police, it’s possible to suggest that they are simply unable to protect the public as efficiently – or that criminals are taking this opportunity to commit crimes, knowing the likelihood of being caught is somewhat less.

The most significant rises of crime are those that are most violent in nature, such as gun grime, knife crime and homicides. Knife crime alone saw the biggest increase in London, which accounted for 40% of the rise.

Theft, Burglary and Robbery have also seen a high increase in cases. Theft, the taking of someone else’s property without consent, rose by a dramatic 118,000 cases. Burglary, the breaking and entering of a structure or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime, rose by 10,500 cases and Robbery, the taking of someone else’s property without consent and using the force or the threat of force, rose by 8,000.

It is shocking to think that so many intrusions happen each year, with the relative families being left devastated by the crimes that have taken place. Here at Town & Country we believe everyone should feel safe and secure in their homes, so please call us today on 0800 160 1125 to see how we can improve your home security.

Find out more about the crime statistics here.

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